Here we proudly present the available Artworks in stock . You can either buy them here in our webshop or you can come and see them in our gallery at Haltestraat nr. 5 in Zandvoort , the Netherlands (starting mid September 2019).   (This shop is still under construction)

ARVEE , oil on linen.

Noor Brandt , bronze and neolith.

Ruud Dekker , oil on panel or linen.

Meg den Hartog , acrylics, goldleaf, diamantdust , lapis lazul on panel or linen.

Marlies Heere , oil on panel.

Reinout Kraijenbrink , oil on panel.

Berry Kuipers  , oil on panel .

Roos van der Meijden acrylics on panel  or linen.

Mathijs Siemens ,  dreads on panel

Brita Seifert , oil on panel

Joris August Verdonkschot , bronze